22:08 31 Dec 23
Our experience with Shabnam has been really greatMy wife's H4 visa was denied under 214b (consulate in India), consulted few other places and the suggestion was to reapply, Came across Lotfi Legal and connected with Shabnam, she cleared all concerns and assisted with the solution to contact consulate with all details and shortly after the consulate reverted asking my wife for a followup interview without the need of booking any appointment which we promptly went thorough, the interview went through smoothly and my wife H4 visa got approvedI would like to thank for all the help provided and recommend their services
Raul LandeoRaul Landeo
22:14 04 Oct 23
Veronica was great to work with! she was always checking on status of my mothers application, was prompt in responding all my questions, and gave us lots of good advice. They were great to work with. Thank you so much
Lilith RomigLilith Romig
22:17 04 Sep 23
Their help with getting my wife her visa made an impossible task so much easier. The price is high (in my opinion), but well worth every penny as they answer questions and are such good help. If and when we need more help, they will be the first place we go too. Every person we talked to was wonderful and I cannot stress enough how difficult it would have been to obtain my wife's visa without their help. We can't thank them enough!!
21:55 02 Sep 23
I used their services to get a green card for my parents. I worked mostly with Veronica after a very positive initial phone meeting with Shabnam. Veronica did a great job of creating a timeline for the process and setting my expectations. She was timely and professional throughout the application process. My parents got their green cards pretty much on the timeline we were told. Veronica was a joy to work with and I would recommend her and Shabnam without any reservation. I feel that they are in the business for the right reasons (to help people navigate an uncertain and stressful process and to offer peace of mind) and are excellent at what they do. This is irrelevant but their office has super cool views of the Capitol 😊
Marcela RodriguezMarcela Rodriguez
02:28 11 Aug 23
Our experience with Lofti Legal was excellent since the first day, they were very kind with us and let us know how the process was going to be and help us every step of the way.We were on a tight deadline to get our paperwork submitted on time and they assured us they would get everything sent in on time.
Sthandazile NdlovuSthandazile Ndlovu
23:36 24 Jul 23
My husband and I received my H4 approval notice just before our traditional wedding in South Africa. We decided to travel and apply for my H4 spouse visa from my home country. Unfortunately, the embassy denied me a visa under section 214b, which required me to prove that I would return to my home country. This reason does not apply to an H4 spouse visa holder, so the denial was wrongful. We reached out to various lawyers, and some said it would be impossible to resolve. However, when we contacted Loft Legal (LLC), we were able to promptly set up an appointment. Our lawyer, Caroline, expressed genuine apologies for our situation and knew exactly what steps to take. Despite facing challenges, she successfully obtained my visa, allowing me to return to the US.I am extremely grateful for the assistance you provided. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need. Not only do they provide reassurance that everything will turn out well, but they also go the extra mile to offer their support and assistance!