I have been with Lotfi Legal since 2017. As the daughter of Venezuelan immigrants, it was ingrained in me that immigration can change lives and families for the better. But after I graduated from law school and saw the politics of immigration getting uglier, I realized that this was an area of law where my experience and passion for civil rights was urgently needed.

During my time with Lotfi Legal, I have filed and participated in dozens of federal lawsuits all over the country challenging unlawful agency action, including a successful class-action lawsuit, Emami v. Nielsen, which covered tens of thousands of visa applicants around the world affected by former-President Trump’s travel ban. 

I have helped countless families to reunite or stay together through the immigration process; I have worked with numerous brilliant and talented researchers and entrepreneurs to self-sponsor for green cards; and I have guided dozens of green card holders in taking the final step of becoming U.S. citizens. 

I love my job, but it’s not easy. Many of my clients have heartbreaking stories, the government can often treat people unfairly and unjustly, and the immigration system is extremely complex and constantly evolving. But the joy my clients share when I can help them get over the hurdles placed in their path and achieve their dreams makes everything worth it.

  • State Bar of Wisconsin
  • American Immigration Lawyers Association

  • Emami v. Nielsen – Class action challenging the waiver process of the 2017 travel ban against people from several majority-Muslim countries. In 2022, we won on summary judgment, securing relief for 25,000 visa applicants worldwide who had been unfairly denied waivers and visas under the travel ban.

  • Community Immigration Law Center, Volunteer Attorney, 2019 – Present

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