The Statue of Liberty tells people around the world who yearn for a better life to come here. My family heard that message, and we moved to the United States from Oaxaca, Mexico, when I was six years old. I was raised in pursuit of the American dream, and I learned early on to work hard and be disciplined to achieve that dream.

I joined Lotfi Legal in 2021, and as a paralegal, I serve the immigrant community with dedication and passion. I’m able to extend my hand back and pull forward others who are chasing the same dream that my mother did before me and that I do now. 

As a DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) beneficiary, I have encountered the difficulties and advantages of this status. It is my personal connection with the similar situations that our clients face that keeps me motivated. My life has been fulfilled by being able to keep families united and seeing them fulfill their dreams. Having personally navigated the complicated immigration system, I know that people aren’t looking for just a green card or naturalization but for a whole world of opportunities. I know the significant effects immigration can have on people and their families, and I strive to help people on their own immigration journey.

  • American Immigration Lawyers Association