Notice From Embassy Regarding Travel Ban

July 1, 2017 Lotfi Legal

A diversity lottery winner received this letter from the US Embassy in Yerevan today. He was told to either provide documentation regarding his “bona fide” relationship, or to come back in 90 days. He was given this letter.

Notice From Embassy Regarding Travel Ban

There are a number of things wrong with this letter. First, it doesn’t address the fact that the person may have a bona fide relationship with the US in the form of employment, schooling, or investments. The letter only mentions family relations and neglects other ways of establishing a bona fide relationship.

Secondly, the letter doesn’t mention that the individual may also apply for a waiver. The second executive order allowed for applicants to apply for a waiver  “if the foreign national has demonstrated to the officer’s satisfaction that denying entry during the suspension period would cause undue hardship, and that his or her entry would not pose a threat to national security and would be in the national interest.”

We strongly recommend that applicants who believe that they have a “bona fide relationship” with the US – whether in terms of family, employment, or school – to provide the embassy with this documentation. Such documentation may include birth certificates, marriage certificates, job offers, photos, leases, business investments, bank accounts, property ownership, etc…  If applicants do not meet this criteria, they should be prepared to ask the consular officer for a waiver.

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